About Us

Our Mission

Our Vision

We are fully geared to becoming the best service provider in nutritional health, alternative medicine and poverty eradication institution in Africa.

Our Mission

To enlighten, Inspire and motivate all into proactive healthy life style and vibrant quality living.

Our Values

Affordability, Innovation, Honesty, Efficiency Integrity, Nurturing Inspiring, Multiplication

Why you should you Join Ngaitai Africa Today and very urgently:

  • Those who will Join today will have a chance to go out and win many others before the company is Known.
  • You will have a chance to conquer many towns in Kenya and later move to all of Africa.
  • The first people to join will have the chance to move easily up on the levels
  • The early the better. If you procrastinate you will loose the business those who are swift and are tactful.
Know us more

Why Ngaitai Africa Is Different From Other Multilevel Companies.

  • Ngaitai Africa Is African Company hence understands needs of Africans.
  • Our products are very cheap hence they move very easily to the customer. downlines thus are very easy to be maintained and retained in the business.
  • Our products are inclusive of herbal medicines and not only food supplements. So results are seen immediately by the customer and hence customer retention.
  • Our products treats African diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, Amoeba, Worms, skin problems etc. unlike multinational companies which do not have herbal treatments for such diseases.
  • Ngaitai Africa Compensation plan is simple and hustle free. It is easy to understand and taught by anybody to downlines and so forth. Many other multilevel companies have very complicated plans that are not easy to be understood even by those very high in levels.
  • Our bonuses payments starts at level 1 unlike may other companies that starts at level three.
  • Ngaitai Africa Compensation payments are not determined by FOREX. Many Multilevel companies pay as per the fluctuations of the foreign exchange. If the dollar goes up, you are paid less even though the price of the product is the same.
  • Our system is digitalized and installed in the internet. Everybody who purchases must receive a internet generated receipt. So there is no possibility at all of anybody stealing from the downlines.
  • Our distributor numbers are computer generated at the time of entry. So it is not easy for anybody to steal a downline from others.
  • Our payments are never cash. All receipts must accompany bank deposit reference number that is confirmed regularly. So possibility of downlines being stolen at the shops